Dr. Thomas E. Lipin MD PA has been practicing medicine in the Jupiter, FL area for over 30 years. The office of Thomas E. Lipin MD PA is your premiere head and neck surgeon, delivering medical care to pediatric and adult communities of Palm Beach and Martin County.

COVID statement

My initial response when Covid-19 pandemic came to florida was closing the office and using telemedicine to treat my patients. This went on for 7 weeks , at which time, I thought I could return to safely see patients in the office with significant changes in office policy.

1. Masks are to be worn at all times
2. Arriving patients temperature is taken before being taken to the exam room
3. The doctor will wear a surgical mask and face shield when examining a patient with their mask off
4. The exam chair and instrument table are cleaned with gluteraldehyde solution after each exam.
5. we also decreased the number of appointments each day to keep the waiting room as empty as possible

The Good News as of 8/15/20 After months of seeing increases in the number of new Covid-19 cases locally and state wide, Jupiter Medical Center has reported a significant decrease in cases since July 5 th. The positivity rate in Florida is averaging 9-10% over the past few weeks.

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