Dr. Thomas E. Lipin MD PA has been practicing medicine in the Jupiter, FL area for over 30 years. The office of Thomas E. Lipin MD PA is your premiere head and neck surgeon, delivering medical care to pediatric and adult communities of Palm Beach and Martin County.

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Awards and honors

  • Con El Award for services rendered in Bolivia 2000
  • Distinguished citizen award from Boy Scouts of America for community service 2005
  • A. E. Gene, Brim Governance Award 2004
  • Chairman of Board of Jupiter medical center 1995-2000
  • Chairman of the board independent community bank 2001-2005
  • Director business development board 2006-2008
  • Jupiter townhall art opening. 2010
  • Medical mission to Cochabamba Bolivia surgical team 1992-2002
  • We welcome new patients

    The office of Thomas E. Lipin MD PA always welcomes new patients who are in need of ENT specialist services. Most of the major insurances are accepted! Please see our contact page for new patient forms for your first visit to the office!